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done a few small changes in my little studio

upgraded my Scarlet to a UA Apollo twin , normally i don't use my monitors for mixing

i use a cheap Ear Bud from AKG this is what i find suits me best But i am now trying a equally

cheap earbud KZ ZS10 they are not neutral but have a great sound for the price

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Hey , I Love the low end in this one . The bass stabs were real nice. For sure was a nice lead break with the FX and proper EQ on the guitar. One thing I noticed about this mix compaired to your others , is the Highs being a little more subdued. Nice! They sound cleaner without the piercing highs that come thru on my normal listening headphones. I'm assuming it was the more balanced Apollo smoothing things out. Enjoyed it .. mark
"Subdued" high end is a good way to put it.
The overall mix could use more presence.
I never trust headphones for mastering... never tried earbuds.