Downsizing a bit...


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A chap I work with bought what he figured was a genuine LP on the bay - bit of an amateur mistake but seemingly the thing is a real POS. He's a nice chap and has helped me out with a couple of issues before, so I told him I had an electric that I don't play so much going spare. He was super grateful and offered to buy it off me but I figure its good to put some karma out in to the world once in a while.

After dusting it down, restring it and doing a quick set-up, I have mixed feelings about letting it go. Its a modified Yamaha Pacifica 412, a solid player which I used to hone my soldering skills. Its a bit messy under the hood but the pickups are definitely an improvement on the stock spec. Hoping he makes the most of it or, failing that, passes it on to someone else who will.



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Most of the Yamaha's I've played have seemed pretty high quality for the money. I don't think it would be inappropriate to ask that he return it in the event that he doesn't want to keep it anymore, but maybe that's just me.

You're a good man, TP.


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I agree, you're a good man, Tele. Hopefully some Karma will come back your way. And I also agree that it is probably appropriate to ask for its return if he doesn't find use for it.


J to the R O C
Thanks guys. Yep, I have asked that in the case of him having no use for it that he find someone who does, or pass it back and I'll find her another home. Feeling good about this, if it gives him a fraction of the enjoyment I've had from playing, it'll be well worth it.