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I've got 'outside' steel doors for both the control and studio room. The thought there was primarily getting a good airseal when it's closed. I'd like to beef up these doors a little to get a little better STC out of them.
I've been thinking of Auralex SheetBlok

on both sides of each door might be a easy, light way to get more sound reduction without having to use a forklift to open and close these doors. :)
The overall STC of SheetBlok is 27dB, which could be a significant improvement.
Any thoughts on this? Anybody already using SheetBlock?
Maybe there's a better option.
I just don't want to make a 12" thick door, if possible. :)

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Try going back to Auralex's site to the area where you can submit a question to Auralex's sound engineers. They usually respond with good advice in a timely manner (24 hours or so). I found them most helpful.
a lot of the noise you are hearing is coming from the gaps around your door, not from the sound travelling through your metal. you, if you havent already, would probably want to stick a dense rubber/foam material on the frame (and make a little step on the bottom if needed) so when you shut the door it gets sealed like a car door. and if you want better noise protection do a little construction and build a second frame and add a lip on the door with more foam so its double sealed. and then sheetblock on the door would maybe probably still help a bit. but the leaks around are troublesome.
Thanks for the responses.
I was going to go to Auralex, just wanted to see if anyone had used this stuff before I got the sales pitch. :)

Actually, the doors are pretty airtight. They're solid foam core exterior steel doors and are completely weatherstripped. Expandable foam was also sprayed around the door frame after it was installed, so that cavity is pretty much sealed too.

I'm interested in the double seal though. How would you do this?

this is just the top view of the door. for the best results the door should be sealed all the way around , as you probably know, It may cause a step to be formed into the room.