Does anyone recognise this Vintage bass hardware?


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This loaded pick guard has been laying around here for a couple of months. I bought this off a guy, who was clearing out his work space, for a mere €10.

It's obviously old, but I have no idea what it's off. Anyone? I'm in the Netherlands, so it may be European made.



dervish riff

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You might get lucky using those pups on a different bass--trying to track down a 50 year old bass to match the pickguard might be more trouble than you want to persue.


Teisco pickups are usually pretty good. The rocker switches are less so.
I'd find an old dud bass & bung that lot on but, as mentioned, locating the missing bits could be a little difficult as it'd be around 40 years old AND the price for such instruments is skyhigh at present.
This link is to a similar (better) model & the price is ridiculous:
Teisco DelRay Shark-Fin EB-220 KB-2 Bass1960s Vintage & Rare | eBay


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Hi, thanks for that.

Any thoughts on that bass?

Not really. The stripes and rocker switches are a total Teisco giveaway, but I've never used that particular one.
Jap made, can be really quirky if that's what you like. Most Teiscos can still be had fairly cheap. There's a Tulip that's been floating around my local CL for months now for $175. Build quality is typical 60s Jap/Matsumoku- bolt-on necks, fretboards hit or miss but can be very nice if you get a good one, pickups range from mediocre to unusable. But they look cool. Always wanted a Kimberly.