Does anyone know how to slow down the recording on a dual cassette deck?

Throw it on the ground a couple of times. Seriously, how slow are you wanting it to go? If it's just a tad there are often speed adjustments in the unit. Sometimes on the end of the motor, and sometimes a small variable resistor on a cirquit board. Don't electrocute yourself.
Yes, there are two variable resistors (Small circuit board mounted potentiometers) One for each motor. You will have to open up the unit, and play back a tape in each side. Use an insulated screwdriver and try to avoid touching anything but the pots. If you have a song that you know is tuned to a certain key (Like a "G" chord) play pack the tape and strum a tuned guitar then adjust the pot's to play back at the right pitch.

Be careful;

Dom Franco
If you don't know these basics, you should make a trip to your local radio shack store.

Just stare at the racks of parts and take notes. (The jokers who work there won't know much more than you anyway!).

Buy a "Getting started in electronics" book, or go to the library and check out one.

A "POT" is a variable resistor (Like a volume control or tone control)

The ones in your tape deck will be small (Button sized) and will have a little slot for a screwdriver. Just don't touch anything else.

If you are interested in recording and audio in general, basic electronics is important. Soldering skill is almost a must!


Dom Franco
Yes! You could experiment with any variable resistor. Just be careful not to damage the printed circuit board, or any other components.
You could add longer wires to attach to a full size potentiometer and mount it on the back of the unit. I have modified an old cassette deck like this, and can slow the tape down to half speed (1 octave lower)


Dom Franco