Does anyone here actually record with a phone or Tablet ?

If I am watching tv while noodling on guitar or whatever, I have occasionally used the recorder on my phone to get a quick record of a cool riff or chord progression. I have a new laptop since last year though and it stays in the living room with a 2i2 that has a 57 always plugged into interface and stays on the practice amp so not so much anymore
can't imagine doing any SERIOUS tracking. Catching a passing idea, absolutely, my next Aria, no.
I've done a bit on an iPad with an IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo. Times when I've been out of town and wanted to do a little bit.

As for capturing takes, I think you can definitely get very usable things. For mixing, however, you're still fairly limited I think, being on a tablet. It's getting better all the time, though.
Yeah certainly not anything super high tech but the 3 videos below were recorded live from a berhinger usb mixer directly into an iphone via the lightning cable and the audio is the mix from the mixer...

Just Jammin doing a test drive of recording...

Then giving it a little harder try at polished

And lastly the christmas song impromptu

Hoping to do a lot more and implement a green screen but that requires time and tenacity...we'll see if I can muster that up in 2022...
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