Does Anybody Have Enough Experience With Peavey Bandits To Comment on Reliability?


Indestructible. Both Augie's guitar players used Bandits from the early 80's until they died recently. The amps outlived them. I thought the tone left a lot to be desired, but you could not kill those things. And they were always plenty loud enough. I used a Lab Series L5 and let Doug Sahm use it too. Got one of the first Tube Driver pedals and that rig was a Beast.


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I know this is an old thread, but it appears it was brought to life again.

Peavy bandit 65, great amp! Bulletproof, loud, reliable, and used to be dirt cheap.

I bought mine for 100 bucks.

I was never really fond of the dirt channel that much, but with just a bit of crunch on it, wasn’t bad at all. I wouldn’t record with that channel, but for live and rehearsal it’s just fine.

The clean channel however is where it shines. A perfect pedal platform.

The amp has no problem keeping up with a full band and I’d rarely turn my master above three or four.