Do you have any idea how to isolate the reverb on the Shure Vocal Master series mixer?


Hello! I've been fooling around with these Shure mixers for years. I've got 4 of them and they all work. I don't use them for their PA system function, but I use em for recording. I use the "To Tape Recorder" line out to feed into the tape machine, but I'm not satisfied with the signal. The problem is that the reverb is blended with the dry signal. That's pretty normal, but in my case, I'd very much like the "tape out" to just be the dry signal, and create a separate output with just the reverberated signal. It's annoying to me that they're blended together like that. Do you have any clue where on the schematic I can prevent the reberated signal from blending with the main pre amp out and just wire it directly to a 1/4" socket? I've tried studying the schematic for days, but it doesn't make sense to me. But I know wiring a 1/4" out would be simlpe. This is a weird request. I hope I'm making sense! I just attached the schematic. Thanks for looking.


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If I understand you correctly you can take a totally 'clean feed' from the emitter of Q7 (2k2 resistor) This point will be at a very low impedance and is pre EQ, reverb and channel level. I would add another 10uF capacitor and a resistor of about 1k. The resistor keeps the circuit stable when load with cable capacitance.

One problem might be that there will not be enough signal level. If so you will need to get into op amp or discrete transistor circuitry. Neither of which is desperately difficult.