Do you have a Tascam M-520? Maybe you want this…


Reel deep thoughts...
Some of you may not know this, but there was an optional factory “Top Board” panel kit you could get for the Tascam M-512 and M-520 mixing consoles. Basically it was a deep board that went across the top of the meter bridge, and a pair of new side panels that swept up to meet the top board…pretty nice looking. The part number for the M-512 kit was the CS-513, and the M-520 kit was the CS-521. Really, really rare…don’t often see an M-500 for sale with the kit. I don’t know if the panels are laminate or hardwood…probably laminate but they look like maybe they are real wood laminate? Here’s a pic from the M-500 manual…top right of the page…an M-520 with the CS-521:


And here’s a link to the M-500 sales brochure…there are a couple more pics in there of both an M-512 and M-520 fitted with their respective kits…including the cover shot…that’s an M-520 with the CS-521 on the cover… M-500 Brochure/Tascam M500 Brochure.pdf

So do you have an M-520 and now feel you gotta dress it up with a CS-521??


SOMEbody has got to get this. There’s a guy on Reverb selling a NOS CS-521 kit. He just has it listed as “Tascam CS” with almost no information. It’s been listed for three years. He’s in Missouri in the states. It just has this picture:


I messaged him if he could tell if it was the CS-513 or the CS-521 since the documentation that comes with the kit covers both kits…he sent me this pic:


He’s got the price marked down to $50USD, but he’s asking $100USD shipping on top of that. But if I still had an M-520 I’d be jonesin’ for this and don’t think $150USD is a bad price. This is probably your ONLY chance to ever get a NOS Top Board kit for your M-520…super cool. I do not know the Seller, no connection, I don’t benefit in any way if he sells it, I just think this super rare trim kit needs to be installed on somebody’s beloved M-520. Here’s a link to the listing:

Somebody buy it…
I SHOULD be buying this! I have a MINT M-520... as in NEVER been connected up or used at all, in beautiful condition. It was a gift from a friend and fellow studio guy. Look like it was sealed in a vacuum since new. Actually this one was covered up and sat into a custom desk, in a studio that never got finished. And I have another M-520 I got from another friend who rebuilt his studio.

I received it and have only had time to give it a cursory examination so far. I notice it includes two metal brackets that would require someone to have access to a sheet metal bending brake or similar equipment to reproduce. I will need to take calipers and make a drawing of the brackets in order to reproduce brackets or specify them for outsourcing to a sheet metal shop. I will try to get more info here on HRC as it becomes available.