Do i have a good voice? Or potential?


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Ok....well.......if you're singer in a cover band.........great..........but for now.........don't cover that song. Your performance was a struggle from start to finish and had many pitch and range problems that should be obvious to you I assume. The way your voice was recorded was not very good.........but that's not what you asked about and is certainly not the issue with your singing. What do you think about your own singing when you hear it played back? What do others tell you?

Listen....sorry to be tough on you....but improvement can only begin when the issues are clearly understood. And perhaps you are 100% aware. In any case........on the positive side........there were plenty of moments in the song where you demonstrated some potential for sure. Picking songs within your range would likely have MUCH BETTER results. So........try another a better range for you...........and let us hear that.


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It sounds a little forced, I can hear some straining on your vocals. Relax and sing comfortably, I'm no singing teacher or anything I'm trying to learn myself. But good luck and stick at it, also if your cover band has any recordings up on youtube I'd love to have a listen!


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Live show went bad yesterday the people said i should quit singing.

So.....if you love to have only one choice............get some training. I think you have the let's see if you have the dedication. Go for it!!


"uh" part in 1st "each other" sounds a little off

"Stay" in want you to stay sounds a little off

Chorus - yeah.. it gets higher, and you're struggling there

Don't mean to be mean or anything, just figured you'd appreciate honesty about the rough spots instead of just a yes man patting you on the back.

... I think your voice would fit an Ozzy Osbourne song, maybe a Ringo Starr song... Not that those are or arent good artists or lyrics to sing, but it seems your voice might fit that range better?

Your voice reminds me of someone...
If I think of it I might come back here and post it..

Would you mind giving me some feedback on mine?
Guitar and a song, would like honest opinion por favor


I listened to your recording again ... Man there's parts in there like in the verses where it doesn't go high that I'm bobbing my head to and your singing is enjoyable.
But the rough spots ... Man u just gotta fix those somehow...
I'll be honest to not mislead you too tho - it's not worth putting a bunch of money into making a record yet if that's what you're after. If you find a good vocal coach and identify songs or write songs within your vocal range, I think you might have something to work with. If you're thinking of investing in your singing that's where I think your money would be best spent at this point.
Just solely my opinion based on this one recording I've heard.
Again - not trying to be mean or anything, just telling you what I honestly think bc I think that sort of feedback is a kind that can help you figure out how to be your best.