[SOLVED] DMT-8VL Have you got one? Need help


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I have the Fostex DMT-8VL with the standard small Hard drive allowing 12 mins record time.
I want to upgrade the Hard drive to 8.4 Gb but understand I need to upgrade the Eproms to version 2.12 (mine is V1.01)

I've searched everywhere to find the upgrade kit but it's just impossible !!!
I'm an Electronics design Technician so have the facility in my Laboratory to copy Eproms.
I wondered if a member on this forum had the version 2 Eproms in their machine that they could post to me for the day so that I could copy them out to 2 new Eproms?
I would of course pay you for this request (I'm sure we could work out a good price) I would then send them securely back to you
Please reply if you can help with either information on where i might find an upgrade kit. or if you could help with the loan of your Eproms if you have Version 2......
I've got the new Hard Drive......I just need these elusive version 2 Eproms.....hhhheeeellllpppp

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LATE NEWS ***********

I have now managed to get a copy of the latest firmware for the Eproms.....so if anyone wants a copy let me know

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