DIY Acoustic Panels


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Can any of you wonderful people please provide me with a simple DIY Acoustic Panel guide? I'm not the handiest man in the world and would even be open to just buying some after reading so many different ways you should and shouldn't do it. I'm down to save some money, but is it even worth saving the margin after all the time and effort buying each part from different websites, making it and still paying a fair bit for it all?
Help for my stupid brain is more appreciated than you can imagine!
Thanks guys
There are lots of threads about this here and YouTube videos on various construction options. Here's my thoughts and experience with doing this.
  1. First, yes, you can just pile bundles of fiberglass in the corners for bass traps, but since you're asking, let's assume that's not the look you're going for.
  2. Most importantly to me, you must be able to source affordable materials needed like lumber for frames, fabric for covers, and (especially, often difficult to source locally) the compressed fiberglass (e.g. the often recommended/used OC703) or rock-wool (e.g. Rockboard or Safe'n'Sound products from Rockwool née Roxul) that fill the panels. If you cannot buy the filling locally and have to pay for shipping, I don't believe there's a significant financial advantage to making your own, unless you've got a bizarre space where good, pre-made panels cannot be used. I could be wrong, but looking at lumber prices lately, I'd spend some time with a calculator before jumping in these days.
  3. You don't have to be a master carpenter, but you do need to have some experience assembling things, and ideally, also making the pieces you'll need before assembly. How are you at baking a pie from scratch using a recipe? Doesn't have to be perfect, but it should look like a pie and taste good :). That sort of thing. And, it's not a pie you're making, but something that needs to last some time, not fall apart, or shed particles into the air constantly. (N.B. If you live with someone else, like a spouse, it might have to look better than you think...)
  4. You need some facility with tools like tape measures, squares, saws, and drills, or not be afraid of them. I know people have gotten by with using basic tools or at least a "skil-saw" but strictly IMO, you really want a power miter saw if you're going to make a bunch of these. It's hard to make good rectangles if you can't consistently make good square cuts on the framing lumber.
Good luck!
It is cheaper if you are capable and able to do this.............then also have a saw and battery screwdriver............and the area to do such work.

Some people do not have these facilities or the skills and to even just buying the tools can make it work out more expensive than purchasing ready made.

It's always easy..........when you know how! ............. when you have no idea where to start, it can become overwhelming.