DIY 6” Foam Bass Traps questions.


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I wonder if you could all answer a quick question ?

If I bought TWO of these and sandwiched them together to make 6” panels , would they be decent enough Bass traps?


Also does the density matter it being 30kg/m3?

Would just using one panel 4” work inside a 6” wooden frame with 2” of air behind work better?


There is another panel

Density 90kg/m3

This is more expensive…but would it offer me any benefit…?

I don’t really want to use Rock Wool or insulation due to allergies…

So these foam panels would be better but only if they work…
We hear people saying they have allergy problems with rockwool all the time - but the fact is once you have it wrapped (in cloth) and hung, there is virtually no 'rockwool dust' coming out. Do you have a problem with the fiberglass insulation in the walls where you live? Of course not, as the dust from it isn't an issue once its in place. Foam is simply not dense enough for good bass trapping.
I guess people are so "into" foam, GIK said,. sure, you want it, we'll sell it. Looking at the prices of their foam 'bass' traps - yikes! But they even say on one of their pages: "Soffit Bass Trap thickness and Rigid fiberglass provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products."