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I just recently bought a Tascam 414 portastudio, and I am using it in conjuction with my ALESIS QS6.1.
All of my songs have a pretty deep bass part in them, and everytime I record through the portastudio I get a lot of distortion back from the bass parts.
Since my QS6.1 has a dedicated eq setting I turned the lows all the way down and I still got a little distortion on playback. Is it the tape or what?
Is there anything I can do?


Halibut, North Dakota
It's very easy to overload the tape when recording bass. Check you levels.Turning the lows all the way down isn't good idea unless you're looking for a special effect.

Try recording the same part with and without your QS6. Is it your tape deck or is it the QS6?

Check your cables.

Try a little compression.

Make sure you're using the right tape.