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i've been trying to enable directx for days now, searching the internet and following all the instructions, but no one seems to have the same problem as me. at first i couldn't figure out VST, but by searching through this forum i found what i was doing wrong. still nothing for directx. i downloaded analogx autotune, enabled directx, refreshed the list, and everything multiple times. still no "directx" option in the pull down list under effects. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but when it isn't in the add/remove programs list or under "regedit". any ideas?
I don't know what version of software you are talking about. I will assume you have Audition and not the older Cool Edit.

I also don't know what machine you are on, Windows or Mac. I will assume Windows because Mac computers cannot use Directx plug-ins.

If I am still on the right track then here you go...

First, you need to be sure that you have Directx installed in Windows. It usually comes with Windows Media Player. To check if installed simply click on START > RUN > and type "DxDiag" in the run box.

Directx is a large collection of DLL files. If you have it installed then you will be presented with multiple pages of info about it. If it is not installed, you can download it from Microsoft. A Google search will find it.

Next, go back through the enable process. While in Adobe Audition you must first enable Directx Plug-ins within the edit window. Go to the EDIT view (not multitrack view) and click on the EFFECTS menu. There will be a menu item called ENABLE DIRECTX. This leads you through a search/scan of your Directx Plug-in folder. (You should create one ahead of time and install/keep all your DX plugs in there.) Once this has been done, the option no longer appears on the Effects menu. Instead a new menu item appears called Directx, giving access to those plugs.

Hope this helps.
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hi, i have the same problem, and the answer here is not a solution, becouse i keep loking and i cant find direct x options in effects bar, i have a cracked cool edit pro 2.1 with directx 12 installed, please help mee