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I have a Korg trinity pro keyboard synth. I also have a Peavey src 1600 16 channel mixing console. how can i bring up the 16 tracks from the korg which is digital, to the 16 tracks on the analog 16 track Peavey utilizing all 16 of the korg on the16 track Peavey.without buying upgrade for the korg. Other suggestions.

I'm only going to suppose or guess on this one. But, my Yamaha DX-7 is a digital algorithmic synthesizer or I never had a problem recording a track on my old Tascam 488.

But, if I read your question correctly, you have a 16 track sequencer on your Korg. You have a mixer that is analog and it has 16 tracks.

I doubt as if your Korg has 16 outs, one for each of the sequenced tracks.

You can't dump anything into a regular mixer; it's not a recording device. Since the keyboard and the mixer can't lock in all the sequenced tracks, you can't do much.

So, what's left? Send the sequenced tracks from your synth through the stereo outs to a tape deck? To a DAT?

You might tap into Korg's info site and ask but I think that's about all you can do.

As I said, I'm not real familiar with your set-up but without OUTS ON THE Korg, you can't run all sixteen individual tracks into your mixer to route them elsewhere.

Maybe SN or Echo Star can clear this up.

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