Difficulty opening Sony Acid Music Files

My Sony Acid music 9.0 software puts all recorded track information into a folder automatically into a folder named Sony Acid Music Projects. It is in "My Documents" folder on my computer. I also store that folder in a 1TB external hard drive. Yesterday, I tried to use a different computer for recording, so I copied the Sony Acid Music Projects folder into the "My Documents" folder on the new computer. I also copied a folder for my album project (which has my recorded songs with titles and everything) into the same Sony Acid Music 9.0 folder in My documents. But when I clicked on the acid music software icon to open a file for a recording page, and then I did a File> open to choose one of my songs that I was working on, I could see the titles that I gave to all my songs, but whenever I chose one of them and tried to open it, I kept getting a message that it could not find the file. What am I missing? Thanks
This might help in the future if you want to take the project with you for use on another PC:

Archiving your ACID projects

I don't use Acid so don't have any specifics for what folders/files you might have missed. I know the process outlined in the link is a full backup of the project, zipped for easy archiving/copying.
If Acid is like Sony Vegas then you can select the recorded files folder. Do this before you start recording, though if you forget to do this you can save the project with a new name or in a new folder and copy all the audio files with it. Copy Files should be one of the options when you Save As.
Thank you so much for the advice. I read the contents of the link you provided, and it told me to save as a zip file. I did that for a recording this morning, then copied it to a USB flash drive, connected it to my other computer, accessed the zip folder, and it opened it recording successfully. I cannot thank you enough. Now all my recording will be saved as a zip file on my computer and on my main external hard drive. Thank you again!