Desk / Monitor Placement in Asymmetrical Room


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Hey all,

Longtime lurker/ first time poster. Moved to a new house and am trying to make a large bedroom a dedicated studio. I've been searching a lot of peoples posts and haven't quite seen the shape of the room I'm working with, in that it's juuuussst short of a perfect rectangle. There's a closet jetting out of one of the corners, just big enough to be a problem but small enough where it might be work-able. I'm debating where to put my output desk / monitors.

Layout1: working inside the nook the closet makes but placing me asymmetrically in the left corner. I'll put up GIK bass traps in the 4 main corners and panels on the side of each monitor. This puts the monitors closer to side walls in a way I'm not psyched about but potentially side wall reflections would be contained? Would allow 1-2 ft from the back wall in this confirguration.

Layout2: Closing off the nook all together using acoustic panels on stands. Would allow me to place the desk / monitors more symmetrically. Question is would those panels really work that effectively being on stands like that or is that fantastical?

Other options would be setting up the desk / monitors agains the long wall but I think acoustically would be worse than the two option I have here. Any thoughts you'd have I'd be super grateful. Thanks!

*should also note that this is predominantly for mixing etc. No live room tracking etc, just electronic and editing music recorded in studios with a live room*


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