delay latency problen

Mickey McClure

New member
I am running cool edit pro 2.0 on a dell inspiron n7110, running windows 7 home premium. I have a usb mic cord and analog headphones plugged in to the laptop's headphone jack. When I talk or sing into the mic and listen thru the headphones, I get a slight delay that i can't mentally overcome when recording my vocals onto a music track, how do I fix this delay? I had the same problem on Audacity on another laptop using this same usb mic setup, I never overcame.
Have a look at the driver you are using - ASIO or anything generic already on your computer is the usual culprit. Low latency drivers are pretty essential with mics and headphones, or you start to go ga ga. Many of the mics just behave like a sound card you'd find inside the computer - where latency is not an issue. These problems tend to go away with proper interfaces are used, because they have properly written drivers. My friend had a Lexicon interface and they didn't;t re-write drivers for the latest version off Windows - and from that minute onwards, it was unusable.
also pull up the Mixer Control in Windows and mute the ones you dont want. I get that now and then...might help.