deeper than cosmetics


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Okay, I tried the two-mics-for-vocals technique tonight (not to mention the two mics for guitar). Better than one mic. One mic's kind of spare (which is kind of useful sometimes), but with two mics, you have more to notice in the sound, and less need for effects, and all that that entails. Let me see, what can I compare the two-mic sound to? A beautiful woman who goes deeper than cosmetics? Yes, I think, speaking purely personally you understand, that's it. Hey, S8-N, I think I'll try three mics tomorrow. Why not? I mean, if you got *8* channels to work with...
Hey Do Do De Bro:

Try one mic and send the vocal to TWO tracks, like maybe track 3 and track 8 or whatever way you want.

Then, when you mix you can twiddle the dials and really do some stuff in the stereo sound field and the vocal will be up front, usually.

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I was using 3 mics for vox untill I got the C1000's.
For guitar I'm gonna split the difference between 2 C1000's and the POD.
I had an idea that I havent tried yet... Place my 4X12 cab in the drum room and record with my 8 drum mics set up to record the kit... That's gotta be interesting... I'll be getting the snare activator and resonance from the kick and toms, with ring from the cymbals...
Dont anyone think of stealing this idea.