Da Bears


Stand Up Comity
They looked much better this week, but Grossman was picked off twice. He did a good job of not panicking. Hester's absolutely amazing. Urlacher gets his first sack since 2005. The pressure on KC's QB was withering.

1-1, Baby!
You have restored my faith in you, APL.

Forget the speed of light.

The true universal constant: Arvo & Da Bears.

Oh, and the Fighting Illini, although fighting would get them kicked out of the Nice Brigade.

I think I saw it in the by-laws somewhere.

I'll hafta call Stanley Kahn.
Grossman is ok for a second year starting QB. He needs a better QB coach though, he's missing his composure.
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Da Bears had no offense, and when you turn the ball over four times and give the other team 10 minutes more TOP, the defense gets tired. I wouldn't be sad if they decided to bench Rex. The D looked very good for most of the game.

OTOH, the Illini looked good Saturday.
I wouldn't be sad if they decided to bench Rex.

They probably should not have drafted him. Some in the national media have be calling him Wrecks Grossman. Long ago and far away when he played for Florida, we just called him Hex. :p

The scouts must have seen some natural talent and style in this guy because watching his college ball, I saw nothing but an accident waiting to happen. Sure there were flashes of greatness. But there were just as many days when he played under a black cloud. The pattern for the Bears seems strangely similar.
Griese's starting to show a glimmer of his past talent. For all the mistakes Griese's made the last couple weeks, I still think he's the lesser of two evils. There was no way Grossman could've pulled out that last minute drive. He would've thrown four consecutive incomplete passes (or a completion 8 yard short of the first down on 4th and 10) with the same confused I've-been-dropped-on-my-head-too-many-times dumb look on his face after each one.

Hester's starting to work his way into the offense nicely too. I love how he showed up on the game stat summary on the ESPN ticker "0 returns for TD, 3 rec, 23 yrds" as if taking returns to the house is the norm for him.