Cubase SX3: Device map for Yamaha S80, Roland D10


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Hi friends,

can someone help with following problem:

1.) I need Device Map for Yamaha S80 keyboard (and for Roland D10) to Cubase SX3. Do anybody have it?

2.) How can I add new Device Map (I think that is file with extension *.mix. Or *.xml, or *.txt) to Cubase SX3?

In my Cubase installation I have directory "Device Maps" and there are some default XML files (eg. Access Virus C.xml, Roland XP-50.xml, Yamaha FS1R.xml, Yamaha XG Drum FX.xml, ...).
But if I find through running Cubase (via menu "Devices - MIDI Device Manager") I can add (click button "Install device") some other MIDI device (eg. GM Device, XG Device, 01 W (Korg), 01v (Yamaha), ...a few next item).
These settings (for these MIDI devices are in directory "Scriptspatchnamesinactive[manufacturer]". They are file in format TXT.
If I create some sample file (by copying some existing TXT file, and rename it and change name of instrument in content of file) and restart Cubase, this "new" setting are not visible in list of "MIDI Devices" (via menu "Devices - MIDI Device Manager" - button "Install device").
How can I load this "new" setting to Cubase?

3.) and how can I load device map (or mixer panel?) for some instrument/keyboard to Cubase. I mean panel, where exist sliders, knobs, switches for changing parameter values (sending through MIDI from Cubase to instrument)?

Or have somebody this Device mapr for Yamaha S80 and for Roland D10 keyboard?

very thanks for all advice and help info.