Cubase Crashing On Project Loading?


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I just upgraded my CPU. This required that I flash the motherboard. The computer itself is running great and I'm not having any issues opening up or using any of my programs.

What's happening though is I can no longer open up certain large projects in Cubase. After several minutes of loading these particular projects, the program just crashes, 100% of the time.

I've tried every "fix" I could find online and nothing seems to help. I've installed and tried versions 10, 10.5, 11 and 12 of Cubase and it does the same thing every time on particular projects in every

version of Cubase.

Any suggestions?
I had similar once when I changed a mobo. It is possible it has more to do with your interface/driver than Cubase. I would start with reinstalling drivers first.

In my case, it was simply the new mobo just would not work with my UR824's. Had to go with a different mobo completely. It was an ASRock Extreme4 that was crap.
I was having a similar problem a few months back. Come to find out it was actually a certain plugin that was the common "cause" ... do some projects still open?
If so, maybe try to open the larger project without loading any plugins.
I had to upgrade my PC and image the hard drive and certain plugins need to be re-authorized or something ... but I'm not sure if that was related.