Cubase 5 32bit vs 64bit.. Whats the advantage?


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I currently run Win7 64bit, with Cubase 5 32bit installed.
I have 6gb of RAM, but i'm upping that to 12gb in the next couple of weeks.
Will cubase feel the benefit or will I have to go to Cubase 5 64bit to get any benefit?

What are the differences exactly?



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Basically, 64bit has a larger memory address space. If running in a 64bit OS, 64bit programs can utilize more of your memory. 32bit will typically cap at 2GB memory utilization. To my knowledge, adding more memory won't do Cubase 32bit any good b/c it won't utilize the memory whereas 64bit can use what's available.

Open Cubase 32bit you have now, run it, make sure it's "working" (as in doing something and not sitting it mixdown or whatever) as hard as you can make it. Open resource monitor in windows and look at the memory tab. I'd be surprised if even under heavy workload that Cubase was using more than 32bit cap (can't remember if 2GB or 3GB).

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It will only really make huge a difference if you're using a lot of VSTi's. A 64-bit OS will have more memory available to it so therefore there will be more RAM available for VSTi's (and in some cases plugins) to utilize.

As long as there's CPU performance to spare to accomodate more plugins/intruments, of course.

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This might be a dumb question, but can I have 32bit and 64bit Cubase 6 installed on the same system?
I've got 32 on my 64bit os right now and am wondering since I plan to use a lot of virtual instruments can I pop the disc back in and install 64bit as well?
Why do some people not like 64bit DAWs?


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I don't see why not. I mean, Windows 7 comes installed with both 32 & 64bit versions of IE.

As for the's possible (only applying history w/ video editing software) that some of the VSTs/plug-ins may not work in a 64bit environment, although I haven't experienced this yet.