"Cry of the Young" VIDEO


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A quick little "maybe" news. I have placed this on YOUTUBE & only showed this to a few forums, friends, & FB.

I just got an inbox on FB from an A & R Director who saw the vid & heard the song. I know her on a casual basis, & she knows a little of my "Country Music" work, but we don't have an established wotking relationship yet. It's a Small to Mid-Level Nashville label who think this should be released on a much larger platform. Namely theirs. But in her message she was very clear. She wants this for their label as there is a need for this type of song & VIDEO now. She said she wants to take this to her boss & asked if I wanted to set up a meeting...They want to talk...

May or may not pan out, but man.....My day just got a whole lot brighter either way this project goes

10 days from start of recording to VIDEO production, was so busy with it never stopped by to bounce this off anyone, as I felt compelled to get this done & released ASAP....This was recorded all on a TASCAM DP24. No DAW

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Too many people are quick to dismiss the "all in a box" recorders like the Tascams and Zooms, but they are completely capable of producing a professional sounding product if you have the skills to do it.

I think this proves the point. Good content is FIRST on the list. You don't need a million dollar studio to do a good song.


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Nice job. Good tones and sonicly pleasing. DP24 - is that a hard disk recorder?

Yes it is a Hard Disk Recorder with sliders...You fire it up and can record...Sometimes I will mix on Pro Tools to automate volume changes, but my mix was dialed in so I just went from there..

I appreciate the good word...Thanks


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Very soothing sounding song. Good mix overall also (except for a few places where tuning the vocals manually would enhance the song even more). Also, there are some barely noticeable tuning/timing issues on the electric guitars (especially in the later half of the song). But, overall, it's a good soothing song/mix.


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Smooth tune. Quite effective in its simplicity. The way you have the the piano refrain going on throughout reminded me a little of Roscoe by Midlake. Your vox sound good but I'd revisit the part where you're going up an octave 'for 'cry of the young' as you're not quite hitting it.