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Hi, saw where someone had the same question but l didn’t understand the answer so appreciate it u can please bear with me, been using Tascam DP03 for several years but my husband was my tech guy and he has passed away. I’m trying to learn.

I made Master tracks for 4 songs. Went through the entire section for transferring to computer but on transfer nothing shows up as wave files in the wave folder, empty. Backup shows the 4 songs there if l put SD card in my computer but cannot open the files with Mix Pad or Audacity and file converter program says file not recognized.

After going through everything repeatedly lm at a standstill.

Tks for any assistance!
I haven't used mine in quite a while - kinda rusty. I can try to walk you through.

Are you trying to transfer individual Tracks or the full Mastered song?

I just went over this with my DP-03SD. I'm starting with Tracks instead of Songs just to make sure they're where they're supposed to be. This should help narrow down where the difficulty is. After Step 5, you should see a list of individual Tracks.

1) Press the MENU button
2) Turn Scroll Wheel to Import / Export
3) Press F4 Button (unmarked button below bottom right of screen - under arrow)
4) Turn Scroll Wheel to Export Track
5) Press F4 Button
6) Press F4 Button to Check Track you want to Export (Scroll Wheel to each track and F4 to Check)
7) Press F2 Button for Next
8) Press F4 to Execute (Export)

That's it. When Exporting has finished, turn off the DP-03SD and remove the SD card. Put the SD card in your PC and look in the WAVE folder. The Track(s) you selected in Step 6 should be there as .wav files.
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I had some time, so I did a follow-up with a Song. I recorded a couple 15-second Tracks and Mix/Mastered them into a Master Stereo song. Then I Exported that and put the SD card in my laptop and it was there in the WAVE folder.
At least Judy came back a few days later. She would have seen both of your posts. There are a few who post a question and never return to even see replies!
Or ask the question, get a pile of helpful info, take it and run without even a “thank you.”