Covid Quarantine Cover - Radiohead's Myxomatosis

Back in with some more cover song fun... this time my buddy Signboy picked up the Drum/Bass duties as well as picking out a song for us to re-create. So here is what we've attempted to create as a less sleepy version of Radiohead's Myxomatosis. Figuring out and covering songs is pretty fun, and it's much easier to collaborate on in general when there is a pretty clear picture of where you're attempting to go. Thanks for listening.

Myxomatosis by Ujn Hunter & Friends | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Bulls Hit

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Don't get out much these days so I'm not familiar with the original. Mix is good on headphones. I like the synth sound and riff. What are you using for that?
Thanks for all the comments and feedback. The main riff is a bass guitar into a homemade fuzz/distortion pedal... and a "bass" synth lower in the mix blended in... which was made using AAS Ultra Analog 2 and also running into a distortion pedal and compressor... the other synth was a mixture of a DX10 violin type patch blended with another "lead" sound also using AAS Ultra Analog 2 but then sent through a Range Master and another distortion box before adding a bit of "flangy" chorus effect for some movement... lots of stuff, mostly distortion... ;)


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I would bring the music level down a bit (try 0.3 dB). keep vocals where they are. also the cymbals at 00:38, 2:43, and the outro's 3:31, 3:33, 3:36, and i think one at 3:38 are pretty shrill.