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so i am having trouble with coming up with a song to write for my class about covid-19 im really not the song writing type i was wondeing if you guys can give me some ideals on what i can write about


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Not a big fan of topical or time specific subjects. Like, don't write a song about Halloween or worse, Halloween 2020. I suppose though, it's homework and you can always reuse the music for something else. Me, I'd write about the experience. For me the shut down really never was due to being what is considered essential but the experience was surreal driving into Boston and elsewhere. Even recently we were on a project in Boston after several months of not going into the city and the streets still seem all but vacant along with restaurants boarded up shut everywhere. Such a contrast from the more rural areas not far out of the city. If you can write about your experience in a way that really doesn't explicitly mention Covid directly but in subtle ways where it takes time for the listener to catch on. Interplay what remained normal against what changed. In simple terms, just tell the story, whatever that might be.


Rhymes with nineteen:
vaccine, wolverine, Epstein?, protein, and a whole list of chemical compounds...
close- Fine team?
You could also probably close-rhyme "surviving" or "contriving" or ...
Writing the song:
I'd start with a genre/tempo/time sig... The words will be different for Rock or Country. Even more for Rap or Zydeco...The cadence will be different for 6/8 or 4/4. You could go full on Jazz or Prog using a 15/8 or 9/4 or some other weirdness.
Once you have a genre, tempo and time, you are more likely to get a feel for the lines of the song, the cadence of the vocal, etc.