Countryproject in need of mixing and mastering


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If anyone would be interested I have 10 songs that are in need of mixing. Its a country music project, all home recorded. STEMS can be found here:

Take care!
I took a stab at Pale Rider. Cool song, very haunting sounding. Definitely a murder ballad :-)

I did a bunch of vocal alignment on the BG vox, and compressed the heck out of the drums. I dig when the drums, bass, and tambourine are all kicking in together. I could have probably automated the banjo and some of the mandolin peaks better...this was a fun one.
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Almost hushed the alien kick and didn't quantize too much to get dreamy country ballad


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Not sure if I'm in timing this time 🤪
As sometimes tis not that easy to to know if there's an issue or artistic decision, as much as I didn't want to kill the catchy live mojo of the song - however, I reconsiderd my mix а tiny bit 🙃


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Hope you are still there @JRdalfort
It took me a while but here's my mix for your track The North, which was one really good experience: The North 1.0 - this is the link.
I can give some suggestions about instruments, at first I thought it was too much, and maybe it is, maybe the banjo can go, and maybe the mandolin can have more intricate fills.
Please let me know what you think about it.
I like the song in reply #7.
it’s a very dense mix Throughout. Maybe drop some of the parts in places and open up the sound stage for less instruments to shine better and create a build through the song.
”Opinions are like arseholes everyone’s got one.”
I found it a bit tiring on the ear after listening all the way through and formed my “Opinions“ based on this.
Feel free to ignore my opinion, still a good song though.