Could i learn to sing good?


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Hello, i have recently started producing music in FL. As i love singing, i thought it would be Fun to sing myself. What do you think, could i get good at it with some lessons maybe?

Recorded on my iPhone, as im not home atm.

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Edit: My Female-ish singing voice bothers me a bit. Is there a way to deepen the voice, by stretching maybe?


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I think you've got a good voice, and it's not too high. You've got some vocal fry going on there which I also liked.

Vocal lessons will give you more control over your voice and breathing for sure. Right now your voice is good enough for a live audience in a club, and when you get halfway through your first song you will have relaxed and opened up a bit more, which will give you more power and expression. Nothing like belting one out in front of an audience to open yourself up.


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Yeah dude you have a very good voice you just need to sing more and get confident with yourself....if you are all worried about if you're any good it's kind of hard to give it all ya got when you perform.

Now to be clear there are a gazillion people who have great voices so you're nothing special but you're really good ( does that make sense?) What I'm trying to say is get comfortable with the voice you were given and learn where you best fit...for lack of a better term your "wheelhouse" your "lane" then practice practice practice songs you really like to sing...then when you feel like you've got em nailed push record....Good luck man!