Could bad phantom power damage condenser mic? M-Audio Fasttrack c400


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Hi everyone, im new in this forum. Sorry if i opened this thread in wrong place.

i purchased a secondhand audio interface, Fasttrack c400. It can make 2 input record but i bought it knowing that the second input is broken. it has big amount of sizzle so i cant record in that input.

I said it because the interface is not working fully properly.

I want to buy a condenser mid, bm-800. But i dont know if my phantom power works fine, and i dont really want to damage a newly purchased mic.

Do you guys can give me any advice to test my interface if it works fine or not? i will be appreciated!

rob aylestone

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BM-800's can be really good mics - or they can be a total pile of poo. Some run happily from phantom, some don't need the full 48V and run from the 5v on a typical computer mic input. Some even sound quite nice. However - the same housing can contain totally different electronics that might NOT run on less than 48V, some can be horribly noisy and others so quiet you can't hear anything. Which you get is a total stab in the dark. What makes you think your interface has bad phantom?

It's a Clint Eastwood decision - do you feel lucky? However - if you throw away the cable and silly adaptors, and use a proper 3 pin XLR to 3 Pin XLR - you might get something that will be OK. They're the price of a couple of happy meals, so if it doesn't work - your budget isn't killed!