Cool Edit plug in problem


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I am cross posting this to the Cubase forum as well.

I just bought the Steinberg "Mastering Edition" which is supposedly Direct X compatible. It has 6 plug ins. I am using Cool Edit Pro 1.2a as the host program. Five of the plug-ins work find, but the Spectralizer gives me the following error message:

"unable to connect with the specified filter. Most likely this is because the output of the specified filter does not match that of the selection-mono vs stereo. If you are working with a stereo waveform, limit the selection to a single channel at a time. If you are working with a mono waveform, convert it to a stereo waveform where both channels are identical."

Well, it does not matter if the waveform is stereo or mono or if stereo/mono is clicked on the plug-in...same message. I have reinstalled the plug in (x3) and even tried reinstalling it in a different directory.

I have Windows 98 and as far as I know the latest Direct X (7) and Direct X run (6) (I downloaded the latest versions from Microsoft about a month ago to run another plug in).

Any suggestions, comments or sympathy are appreciated.


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Thanks for the sympathy. Not a lot of answers, as I suspect it is a weird problem that the programmers will have to solve. Fortunately, Syntrillium are being great about trying to help me.... if only Steinberg would cooperate!


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Again, Cool Edit is being very cool about it...(hope it amounts to something). I bought the stuff Sat and most of it works, just not the spectralizer. So...the warranty card went in Mon. I sent e-mails to both companies on Sun. CEP has corresponded with me 3 times so far.... not a peep out of Steinberg. I will give them a bit more time, (for the warranty to get in) then e-mail, then call. It may help if others do the same.

I also hope that either DirectX8 or CEP2.0 will make a difference!!


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rjt - I seem to recall somewhere recently someone (I think it must have been beetle over at audioforums) saying they'd had exactly the same problem not being able to run all their Steinberg plugs with CEP. One question this raises is: who's going to be seen to be deficient - Steinberg or Syntrillium? My vote goes to Steinberg. :D


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Well, tough question. The Mastering Edition is supposed to work with any "host DirectX software" according to Steinberg. According to CEP, it runs Direct X Plug-ins...
My guess is that it would be reasonably easy to solve. Several plug in issues... (remember "revalver") were solved rapidly by dialogue between the two parties involved. Cool Edit seems to be willing to step up... I wonder if Steinberg is. Of course, that doesn't say who is "responsible" for the problem. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH

peter miller

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I have problems with Magneto and spectalizer as well.
some plugins work some don't and some freeze the screen up.
Do you have a agp card with s3 drivers on it?
apparently according to a logic page they can cause weird problems.
I use cool edit pro and logic on windows.
I havn't tried another graphics card yet.
I wander if they are on to something?
I don,t know anyone with a different agp card I could try and I'm not about to go and buy one in case it makes no difference!
In fact dave b's logic audio faq page at the emagic site has a list of problem cards and fixes.
I know it's a logic page but it may help.Afterall they are all recording programs that are rather graphic intensive!!!


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Thanks for the input...I'll check it out. For anyone keeping score, Syntrillium was returned every e-mail within one business day... they are waiting on Steinberg. Steinberg sent me 1, after a 10 day wait saying it was not their problem. I am still waiting for the response to my follow-up e-mail. Who says customer support is a lost art!!