Converting final master to MP3?

Can anyone fill me in on the 'right way' or best way to convert a final CD mix/master of a song to MP3?

(Please don't tell me that one should mix a special mix just for the MP3 format--'cause I spend an entire afernoon just on mixing down and another day or two on mastering).

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated



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No, you don't have to do a special mix. What you need to do is convert the song to a wave file with a cd ripper, then convert the wave file to an mp3 with an encoder (I used to have BladeEnc, which was okay). There are freeware and shareware software packages that will do all of this in one step, some of which you can find in the software section at

Thanks Ryan,

That's what I thought. I just converted one of my songs from wav to MP3 using MusicMatch jukebox that I got from MP3 (from your suggestion). From some of the other postings, I thought maybe they were talking about creating special mixes that sound better for MP3, but I guess they were just shareing their stuff via MP3 to get feedback from others.

Thanks for the tip!