Converting Cassette Tape to Digital Format


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Im going to convert some cassette tapes (the bible) to digital for my mom. Any good advice would be appriciated. I will be using a CC-222MKII. My idea was to use my RME Converters and use Sound Forge for importing the audio. The idea is to have the end result in MP3 format.

What is a good digital level importing the tracks from the tape?

All I have ever done is track individual instruments @ -18ddb.

My general thinking is that I could get away with going higher for this application.

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Okay, I'll go out on a limb.

If you have/are using the CC-222mkII, you may record to CD directly from cassette, entirely onboard. Once audio is on CD, you can "rip" from the CD to MP3 using any number of programs or utilities.

Sorry if this doesn't answer your questions directly.:eek:;)


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i am aware of that route. But Doing it the other way I could minimze the amount of cdr's used and also have editing capability.


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I converted some old cassette tapes last year. In one or two cases I was nearly going to throw them out as it appeared there was too much warble, but decided to try running the cassette backwards and forwards through the machine. In one case I remember doing this about 12 times and it did bring the cassette back to listenable by getting rid of the warble. In some other cases the cassettes were too far gone and this trick couln't retrieve them.

I used my MOTU interface and certainly had the level quite high, but can't remember the exact setting.


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I take it that the RME is a audio interface, right? Sorry about that little difference, not too well knowing some of the abreviations are, but I did try the cassette to cd thing. I got my tape player and connected it to thru my lexicon alpha interface via the headphone jack. yeah, you would have to play around with the tape player to get the right sound out of the tape, but you can arm a track in your sequencer and record the audio. Thats what I did on a couple of cassettes and it sounded ok. But I also bought a license for a mp3 encoder for my sequencer and now I can make my own mp3's through my sequencer when I export the audio. I hope this helps.