Controller or Digital Mixer?


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Hello all,

I have a dilemma which is causing me sleepless nights! My DAW software is Sonar Producer 8.5 and I'm treating myself to some new hardware. Up to now I'm using a Cakewalk UA-25EX and control everything with my mouse.

I need to choose between a control console (Cakewalk V-700) and a digital mixer (Yamaha 01v96i or Allen & Heath Qu-16). I already have a Presonus Audiobox1818VSL which I may or may not use, depending on what I buy. I prefer USB 2.0 to Firewire.

Can you please advise a musician sadly lacking in IT skills? :facepalm:


V-700: Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 700 Console | Musician's Friend
01v96i: 01V96i | Mixers | Products | Yamaha

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The 01v and the Qu-16 are both mixers and controllers. I personally would choose the Qu-16 for the simple fact it's also an interface and you can record and playback multi-track directly to and from a USB drive. It also has network control (via app).

Cheers :)