Connecting MPC to ASR 10 to computer

Bought 2 Mogami gold cables. Now how do I go about hooking up the MPC 2000xl and ASR-10 to the computer. Or am I missing a piece of equipment?

This is very vague. Mogami what cables, xlr, jack midi, digital? How do you want this to work, keys into the MPC, audio from the MPC to computer or from the keyboard to computer?

I answer your exact question on a vid called "Beat Making: How to Use MPC2000xl as a Controller" on my youtube channel..
Click Best Beat Making Tutorials below in the signature and search under the How To Playlist...
I was told at guitar center to get the xlr ones so thats what I have To be honest Im not sure yet. I guess I really wont know till I get it connected somehow to see which way I prefer. I know most use the mpc to sequence. Just wanted to make sure I at least got the right cables.

@verysickbeats im checkin out your vid right now.
Actually I can't see where the XLR cables fit with this setup, does the MPC have XLR outputs? I thought most of this would be unbalanced jack cables and midi leads.

Can you tell me what you are actually trying to do? Use the MPC as all the sounds playing from the keyboard, playing the keyboard and recording the keyboard sounds, recording the keyboard sounds into the MPC, there are a lot of options here.

It has the 8 outputs...I wont be sure how I want it setup until I have everything up & running.

So you think that these are the wrong cables either way?