I agree with you. I have a friend in NY who is 73 in a band and they play every weekend and make good money...they're called ''One Swift Kick''. A four piece band and all 4 of them sing and can sing harmony. I'm 69 and with my fibromyalgia and replaced hip couldn't stand on a stage for any length of time and there's that problem with my limited range because of the torn vocal chord. Somedays I can sing high, other days I can't. So I am not a good candidate for a band although a band that doesn't play out would be great! I used to play rhythm guitar but I have osteo arthritis in my left arm and wrist and can't grip the neck anymore. So I've just given in to what I'm allowed to do, since no one around here has a band. I live in a small gated community and most everyone likes to keep to themselves. I wouldn't have chosen this for me, but my husband did. He died a year and a half ago and I'm afraid I'm here for at least another year. Complicated rules of my re-finance on the house. Nothing easy about my life lol. I think everyone in here is wonderful for trying to help me hook this mixer up but it looks like I am out of luck. This pc was actually my deceased husbands. Mine is a gaming pc and it too is all usb ports. The one I had before it was the one that had the hookups that fit that mixer. I had quit singsnap because of the torn vocal chord and only recently returned and thought I'd give it a shot trying to hook it up. So I guess this is where I exit stage left. Thanks everyone...this newb is leaving.... sorry to say goodbye. You all tried!!
Aww! Don't leave us Jeanie, maybe in all the advice you have been given you missed one way you COULD use the USB mic and get effects on your songs?
1)Download and install Cockos Reaper (see that there is a whole section dedicated to it in HR?)
2) Record your song. In Audacity if that is easier for you to start with but remember to 'save as' a .wav (I always stick 'em on the desktop) 16 bits 48kHz is fine.
3) Drag and drop that .wav onto the Reaper shortcut. Reaper will open it for you and then you can explore the myriad FX it offers. N.B. Always save a dry, clean virgin take. I dump them on a USB stick.

The software FX in Reaper are likely better audio quality than those in that mixer anyway.

I assumed that the idea was to do one of two things. Produce nice, quality music for yourself and friends, and the web site was one option. It really doesnt appear to be a site for people who would also release on spotify and more conventional sites like youtube, itunes, apple music etc etc.

I totally understand the bit about reverb, but on that site are loads of songs wrecked with too much reverb, because the site adds it to what is already there. The majority of users have phone videos so totally dry. If you start adding your own reverb to your track, you might end up with a mess, but one advantage of a real DAW is that you can add reverb and effects plus other useful stuff and decide afterwards what to send to the end user. So you can have bags of reverb. We covered this in another topic only recently. Then you can have a perfect version to put on facebook and other social media, but have a dry version to send to the karaoke site?

We are all about recording here, what you do with the recordings doesnt matter, but some things you do will sound worse on that platform.

There are some decent singers on the platform, but they are swamped by some awful stuff. The good stuff i think would have a better home elsewhere.
Depending on the interface and how you like to record, it might completely replace the mixer. The USB mic may not get along with the interface, but you could try it.
Indeed but some interfaces now have a "loop thru" facility whereby any signal going through the computer can be recorded inside the interface. They have a pair of 'virtual' inputs, in the case of my MOTU M4 that is 5 and 6. I set those as the input and I can record my Citronics USB mic nay bother!