[SOLVED] Connecting a Compressor to a Mixer


Hi Guys,

I purchased the Signature 12 (non MTK) to use in a Live Twitch gaming environment. How do I go about connecting a DBX286S compressor to the Mixer and feeding it back into Channel 1 where my vocal mic is connected please?

I want to use the excellent low noise Ghost pre-amps in the Mixer to add gain to my mic and some minor Eq first then send that to the compressor then send it back to the mixer and then via usb it goes to my PC.

I have seen some videos but they are for other mixers where there is a 1/4 jack called I/O on each channel, unfortunately the Signature 12 does not have that.

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Are you going to tell us what mixer you have or are you going to make us guess? I suppose it's a Soundcraft, right? Give us a model number.

Normally you connect a compressor to the insert jack of the channel you want to compress. RTFM for send/return configuration (tip=send or ring=send).


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But the 286 is a channel strip, not just a compressor. You could connect that to a line input of the mixer. Or you could bypass its mic pre by using the insert as the compressor input and connect it to the mixer channel insert.


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There is no block diagram in the manual for that mixer that I can find but surely OP can send (say) ch 1 to AUX then return that to ch2 or whatever take his fancy?