Conflict with Audio and MIDI inputs?


Hi people,

The MIDI connection from my Digital Piano (Yamaha P45) and the audio input from my Synth (Roland SH201) seem to be having some sort of conflict in ProTools.

I can record audio from the Synth fine at first. But as soon as I connect the Digital Piano via MIDI (USB), it seems to stop the audio input from the Synth. An idea why this might be happening?

Thanks for any help!

iMac Desktop 2011
Avid 003 Rack (my inteface)
ProTools 12.4.0
Roland SH201 Synth
Yamaha P45 Digital Piano
With my interface's software, I usually have to adjust my inputs. It is a seperate piece of software from my DAW. Maybe an adjustment is required in Pro Tools in regard to inputs?