Computer studio cable hook up?

John Shea

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Hey, I have a Midiman 2044 running out of my computer. It has four ins and four outs. I have a Mackie 1402 mixer. I am running one line-in to aux-in on the mixer, and four outs to line-ins 1-4 on the mixer. From my main outs on the mixer, I run two XLR cables to a QSR1800 power amp, and then to two Sound Link Korg speakers. I use Cakewalk8. My problem is that my sound sucks. Although, through my headphones, the sound is great. Also, if I play a tape through the speakers, the sound is great. Only the sound of a recorded track in Cakewalk is bad. I lose all of the highs, and it sounds real basey. Are my cables hooked up wrong? Is there a better way to run them? Or is it something else? I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanx.

Without making too many assumptions, I would need to know what it is your recording.

I use the 1402, to get a signal from the board into the soundcard, I use the channel inserts 1-6. This does bypass the mixer EQ however. How is the sound getting from the Midiman to the mixer?

"I am running one line-in to aux-in on the mixer.."

I don't quite follow this part. This line-in is coming from your midiman I assume?

Here is a test you could try:

Plug 2 cords from your CD or tape player into channel 1 and 2 of the mixer (hope you have rca to 1/4"). Plug 2 1/4" cables into the insert 1 and 2 to the first 'click'. Plug the other 2 ends into input 1 and 2 on the midiman. Take outputs 1 and 2 from the midiman and plug them into channels 3 and 4 on the mixer. Make sure their is no EQ on channels 3 and 4, pan hard left and right. What plays back after you record should be virtually identical.

Maybe it's something with Cakewalk? The L/R meters on the mixer are lighting up when your playing back?

Make sure that your sampling rate is set to either 44.1k or 48k in your audio preferences in the windows control panel for multimedia devices. Sure sounds like a sampling rate issue.

Good luck.
Hey Guys-

I have Win98 on the system. I went to Multimedia, and the settings for sample rate are 'good', 'medium', and 'best'. There aren't any numbers (as in Win95). Where is the best place to set that, or am I missing something?

Thanx again.

Hi John,
I wonder if you can change the rates in the software you are using? I think thats where I do it in ntracks software. I also have windows 98 and couldn't find anything.
Good luck.
You should be able to change it in the software multitrack your using. As well the Midiman should have it's own applet for controlling these parameters, if this is the problem. Open up one of your waves in Sound Forge if you have it, it will tell you the bit depth and sampling rate there.


In case it isn't obvious, always set it to "best". That will give you 44.1 KHz, 16 bit resolution.
Thanx for all your help People.
The sound is much better, I thought the sample rate would change when the auido card was installed. DUH! Thanx again