Compressor pedal question.

Not a have 4 keyboards a piano.
You know what might work out in front ..a Wah Wah. You know, like an expression CC pedal. They make em small now. And spring loaded..Screenshot 2023-01-25 222916.jpg

I always had to(..that is once/that one time) do my own Spring loading. Use extension springs with the hook ends. A couple button head machine screws anchored with a lockwasher and nut. Gives the spring some attachment points.
Screenshot 2023-01-26 005956.jpgkorgspring.jpg
Machine screws, with nuts, are stronger clamping force than a self tapping screw. It's like Korg EXP pedals were made for it. There are raised, thicker 'plastic' bosses to drill through for the mount.
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Nah, a Crybaby is too ...much.

You want a compressor with character. Something dirty or even better.... Filthy McNasty.

look on ebay..(not made by beginners, or beheringrs....beeringers)


Yeah, you wanted character. (Or I did, as you never really asked) Something that everybody knows is awesome, yet they still shit talk electric cars.

This one will make the grooves. Run the limiter first, then the Compressor. Yes, its backwards, I know. Limiters last.. The Nanocomp goes to inf and is slightly more of a limiter. Work them as a team. Ask anybody who still owns them..
I found a MIJ Boss CS-1 Black Label but it's $149 - not for me.
Are you looking for something that flattens by reducing the gain at threshold(squash)? Or something that extends to flatten with sustain, by adding gain at threshold(smooth)?

Positive or negative compression.

Guitar preamps, usually have an analog type that adds gain at a threshold.
Whatever the Boss CS pedals do. Sustain is what I'm after. As I understand it, the pedal is just a compressor with the sustain knob controlling several of it's parameters as a 1-knob. I can get it with my plugins, but I'd like my old CS-2 pedal for live work (jams and possible stage). So I suppose it would be your second choice.

I never paid any attention to the compression, per se. I was only concerned with the sustain effect.
Whatever .....
in that case. this has slices.. it dices....prolly has a compressor in it somewhere too.

the pedal goes sideways
Zpedal...some castors and this thing can drive to MacDonalds
id slip off and break somebodies neck!
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