Compressor Noise:

Can anyone help me with this compressor problem???

I have put together a low-end digital home studio: I've got the PreSonus, Bluemax compressor (a low-end, user-friendly compressor with generic presets for various instruments). I use it as an insert to my FD-8 (digital multi-tracker) when tracking accoustic guitar or vocals with an SM-57 mic. I definately hear the benefits of the compressor in smoothing out my vocals or accoustic parts, however, I also get a tremendous amount of amplified hiss or machine noise that magically vanishes when I unplug the compressor (i.e. I don't get this noise when just plugging the mic into my recorder's dedicated mic jacks without the compressor inserted).

I've tried various settings on my compressor and FD-8 to try to elimiate or lessen the hiss, but to no avail.

My temporary work-around is to remove the background noise using Cool Edit's noise-reduction feature on my PC in the mastering stage. This works for some things, but ideally, I need to fix the problem at the source.

Any input or suggestions would greatly appreciated.
Hi there William!

I think there´s always a noise-problem with low-end compressors, (I have one myself).It is important, though, to get as much signal as possible into the compressor and keep that signal as free of noise as one possibly can.
Also, trying a lower setting of compression can help. A noise-gate after the compressor is sometimes a solution. (It was for me). Turning the compressed channel down when the instrument is not playing is also worth trying. Hope this helps. Good luck!
have you made sure that your input and output is the same level? when i got my first 3630 i couldn't figure out how the damn thing was supposed to work and i got a lot of hiss and breathing. when you hit the bypass switch on the comp you should be at the same level as when it is on. having too much out from the comp (as well as any effect) will add circuit noise. don't forget that a comp will bring up ALL of the lows including hiss.

happy motoring