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Does the compressor and limiter work in real time for recording? Also, what are good compresson and limiting levels for vocals? for music?
Most of the directX compressors will work in real time, if you don't overdue the number of them. Waves makes a good one. If the one your referring to is the Cubase 3.7 Version, yes they do work in realtime, but I found way to many bugs in 3.7, so am back to 3.65.

As for compressor settings, don't overcompress, tweak till it sounds good to you.

In the Cubase compressor, you have AUTOGATE, COMPRESSOR, SOFTCLIP, LIMIT, and AUTOLEVEL controls. When do I use what and why? I checked that site... very informative... but they weren't talking about software which is why you have to do a little guessing. Also, if I click on DRY, will my compression, etc. effects still be heard, or not?

Also, how do I swtich between RMS and Peak?

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Well the biggest bug is that it doesnt work with my sound card, Aark 20/20. Party Steinberg's fault, partly aardvark. I didn't use it long enough to find anymore bug, but from reading posts in other forums there appear to be many problems.

Do you know of any guidelines as far as compression, eq, threshold, attack, and so forth? I was told that as far as limiting digital audio, dont go about 0.0db....

At the moment I'm using Cubase 3.65 which does not have these features... so I can't be of much help with Cubase 3.7 until Cubase 3.71 comes out. As to the DRY - I would say that you will not hear any effect if you set it to dry. Sort of like a bypass I suppose.

Autogate - a gate that closes whenever the signal hits xx dB and opens when the signal hits xxdB. The links should explain the rest.


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