Compression with Dialogue

Brent Larimore

New member
Hello Community:

I am wondering if a preset compressor would work with a tape I digitized
recently that is mostly dialogue (and a motorcycle ride) recorded with
an ancient tape recorder. This isn't for pro purposes at
all just for old time sake with an old friend. But would like to be able to
hear the voices a little better.
There are a lot of peaks and valleys.
I am currently using WavePad Sound Editor and the presets are:
Fast Compressor
Smooth Compressor
Heavy Compressor
Hard Limit
Soft Limit
Noise Gate
Could I pick one of them and just let it ride?
Thanks for any help!

Hi and welcome to HR.
It'd be great to hear some examples of what you're dealing with but I don't think compression would be the go-to tool.
It has its uses but where there's background noise or any unwanted sounds generally compression is going to make that worse by reducing the peaks, which are usually the thing you want to hear.
Again, examples would be good but I'd probably be reaching for eq + volume automation.