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Smithers XKR

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This is such a great forum.

I have had a lot of help from very knowledgable people to get all of my legacy kit set up and running again now after a long time out of the loop. Thanks to all who have helped. I am really excited about working on my ancient Atari again with all of my 90's Synths and 90's outboard gear and using my ADATs and DCC. Also looking forward to learning DAW.
This is a 2 year learning project for me and I am loving the chance again at 57 🥰😉👍
I just thought would it be great if some of us old farts could set up a thread to offer advice and guidance to the young guys here? I dont refer to technical advice per se... just avoiding the pitfalls and difficulties of life in the music industry. Us oldies were all there once and it would be nice to help in some way about the things we had to overcome. Signing your life away and song rights for a paltry advance etc etc. For instance I would always advise any aspiring artist who believes in their work to never sign your songs for a advance. Copywrite your own publishing company and keep your artistic work. The record companies screw you.

Anyway sorry for the rant 😔😍😉