Collaboration, Anyone?


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I didn't know where else to put this, so I'm dropping it here: I'm looking to collaborate with someone who knows a thing or two about electronic music.

I'm an old skool type of guy - I get frightened and confused by drum machines and synthesizers and inevitably, I either smash things or sell them off. The other day, I had a bassline pop into my head and I wanted to record it, so I threw together a super simple drum beat and threw down my bassline. Then, a guitar ditty presented itself to me, so I recorded that too. At this point, the song started taking a direction of it's own, so I let it ride and did what the Muse asked me to and ended up with this:

Now, I have NO IDEA how to build a song in the electronic music genres: I'm a funk guy - I play, live and breathe this genre. I've been "studying" tracks on youtube in a genre called 'Electro Funk' (cuz this is what my little ditty sounded like to me) and experimenting but I haven't been able to come up with anything satisfying. If you dig this little groove and think you've got some ideas, lemme know. I'll take advice/tips or a co-writing partner. - whatever's clever.



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I really dig this. I do electronic pop music myself. What I picture for main vocals is something in the vein of Michael Jackson aggressive/funk style. Kind of reference "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground"; that's the kind of vocal melody I'm feeling with this. I don't really focus on genres and what's typically done; I just find whatever sounds good and seems to fit, so continue experimenting and most likely your song will come together spontaneously and when you least expect. : ) Good job and good luck!


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Thanks for the good words, man. I doubt I'll go any further with this unless I find somebody that's interested in working on it with me. There's too many other tunes that I've got on the go that need to get finished and I'd rather not spend time on the one that's frustrating me the most at the moment.