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Does anyone own a CMG (Chris Mitchell Guitars) ax?

I want to trade a few low cost guitars (Squire Strat, Ibenez GR200, etc.) on one higher quality guitar. I want an Les Paul (don't have one in my harem - I'm mostly a Fender guy) - but I don't want to by crazy money for a Gibson.

A small local store will do the trade, but they no longer carry any decent brands. However, they do have a CMG Les Paul clone that plays well, sounds very decent and appears to be well made.

The CMG is marketed as American made and the general story appears to be a company that makes quality products (Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Guitar Amp Combos) for a decent price.

However, I can find very little imformation and/or reviews on the internet.

The CMG I'm looking at (an Ashlee model) has a list of about $1,000 and the store is asking $595 (I have found a found stores in other states that have a street price of $700.

Since I'm trading in axes I really don't use - I'm not really risking much - but I would like a guitar than holds some value.

Can anyone share some love for CMG guitars???


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If you like the guitar, go for it. At five or six hundred dollars even if it spontaneously combusted, you couldn't be hurt too bad. It seem's like a fair price for a guitar that was hand built with discretion compared to one that was spit out of a CNC machine. What are the pickups in it? Picture?

edit. (there are company's that have guitars built overseas then assemble in the U.S.A., and call them American made)


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Thanks for the response? I agree that if I like the guitar then the decision is mine. I would never buy something (or not buy) based solely of someone else's opinion ....... but since I can't find much on the internet, I thought it was worth reaching out to the large community at this site.

CMG claims that all the parts are American made and that they try to purchase the best affordable American parts (wood, electronics, etc.) and then build the guitars in the USA.

Since the guitar plays well and sounds very decent, I do plan to make the trade - even if I have to kick in a few bucks (I've spent money on much dumber things!!!