Cmdr. Drake Starkiller - New one from the next rock opera

Peter Pavlonis

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I found the intro to be a bit too long, otherwise I thought it sounded good. The bass is hard for me to give an opinion on because the mix is kinda soft so it doesn't crank my headphones in a way I can tell, but my guess is that its a bit light in the deep sub bass. There may be a bit of a honk around 250-350hz too. Not really sure. Maybe someone else will comment. Everything else sounded very good to me.

Enjoyed the tune though very cool !


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(Flac version) On headphones, the bass was not pounding. On a system with a sub, the bass was thumping. Maybe a bit too much on my system. I have an old and weak sub. Might want to check that out and make sure that is what you were wanting.

I don't know about honk, but it was a little cut in the mud range might open it up a bit.

Just to reference, I checked out some commercial mixes to make sure my system wasn't exaggerating bass too much.


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Yeah, I wanted to trim the intro for test mixes, but uncooperative PCs, you know? On the album version, that will be the pre-track.

So low end isn't quite there. Got it. Thanks!


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Great. My interface has stopped working. Delay of game on finishing this mix, I suppose.

Edit: Belay that. I have a spare interface. New mix is in OP
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it's repetitive in a way it has to be i guess to drive home the idea to whoever he's trying to convince. assuming this is a piece of a play?
i got the flying imagery along with the rap. the desperate attempt to impress someone.
sounds good vhs