Closer To God (Going through HELL)


This song is a tribute to my God. Who apparently HATES this song. Because when I think it's where it's suppose to be, something else is pointed out. BUT, I think this is it. YES, there's dissonance in the guitar work (not bass), for once I just really like it, and have decided to keep it in.

If you hear any blaring errors, let me know. I'm sure there will be. This is only the 15th fix/mix.

Closer To God FINAL 4 by Frances Farmer My Hero | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Love the acoustic guitar + reverb on it, sets the tone/mood very nicely!! However I feel like the entire song needs a more unified / coherent reverb. The guitar has a very lovely spacious reverb, but then the other guitar in my right ear feels like it has no reverb, along with the drum machine too. The vocals then feel like they have yet another reverb on it. So when the song starts, I feel like I can close my eyes and float through space, and then once all the rest of the instruments come in I'm not sure which setting I should be in when I close my eyes (if that makes any sense :P).

Reverb aside, I think things are mixed pretty well, I can hear every instrument. Maybe the diddling guitar in the later half of the song could be a bit louder though...

Overall, keep going!! Sounds good :)