Classic Rock Tune


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I think you've definitely nailed the 80s rock sound. It's a pretty solid mix.

That rhythm guitar on the left seems to be the only thing active in the low mids. It makes me want to do something for symmetry. The lead vocal sometimes feels a bit off center to the left as well. I listened on HD280 Pro headphones, so that made the panning stuff more obvious. It might not be noticeable on speakers.
Something this complex has a lot of places to invite comments. So many things to tweek I'd never finish one like this. Like where it almost goes to half time but the synth keeps the 16th notes, I'd audition that section with 8th note synth. And the bridge is 6 bars.
Did you C&P the BGV?
But forget all that thinking - this sounds great.


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Good sounding track - the mix doesn't sound 80s - you have to step up the drums and keyboards parts - then blend in the guitars parts - it's a cool song none the less.

Monkey Allen

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Enjoyable stuff. Big fan of the 80's and do like hearing people give it a go, sound and feel-wise. You've done well.